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The most common cause of blocked chimneys is the construction of a bird nest in the flue. These are removed by sweeping them out from the bottom, not from the top of the flue. Typically, the nest is constructed at the level of the top floor ceiling height, about 3 metres from the pot.

If not removed, nests can absorb moisture and create damp patches on the chimney breast, as well as bad smells.

Once a nest has been built in a flue, birds will habitually return year after year. Removal of nests can be damaging to the fabric of the chimney and prevention of nesting should be carried out after removal. The cost of removal varies depending circumstances. Removal of nests can only be carried out after the fledglings have departed. Severe penalties and fines are payable for removal of nests during active nesting periods, up to £5,000 per egg, bird or nest, even for those species commonly considered to be vermin. Copies of "Birds and the Law" are available from RSPB.

We can however advise as to when removal is appropriate.
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